Where it began...the healer from within.

Where all of this takes root is from a history of several health challenges, surgeries, being in emergencies, and always looking for a better way to heal, prevent, or just feel better. I think when it really hit home for me was when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in June 2013. It was a day time stood still, you felt like you were in slow motion, no one could hear, see, or understand you or what you were going through, kind of like an out of body experience. Even though I was being poked and prodded..... it made me me see things in a way I never had before. I came out of this illness much stronger and wiser, with a newness around me and my body. I didn’t realize the first part of my life; I was just trashing my body. I took it for granted, and was not aware of my body, or listening to it. I feel at times we all abuse our bodies or do things we shouldn’t do. We tend to abuse our bodies when we eat or drink too much of the wrong foods, exposure to chemicals or toxins, neglect ourselves, putting everyone first and we always come last. As a cancer survivor I realized it is important to be in balance with your body, love your body, listen, and be aware. So often we tend to repeat or create illness or disease through the choices we make everyday.

One thing is that I am proactive, I am always doing a lot of research, go to classes, trainings, and read books to improve my health and to help others along the way. I found myself helping more people and sharing a lot of techniques that worked for me and my family. I love the supplementation and nutrition that I have come across, it has made a huge impact on my health. I stumbled upon another healing modality about a year ago called Access Consciousness. My first experience was the Access Bars and Access Body process, and received favorable results. The reason why I wanted to give this a try, I was headed down for another sinus surgery. I have had 14 in my past and didn’t want to put my body through all of that trauma and drama so a friend of mine did some of these healing techniques on me and did not need to have that surgery after all. I was amazed at how my body responded and wanted to learn more. I became an Access Bars Facilitator and Access Body Process Facilitator to teach, empower, and help others experience this new world of healing and awareness.

I always knew growing up I had something inside of me that was a healer, but today I know this is something I was called to do. After having cancer one thing that I have been doing is helping others who have cancer as well. Some are friends of mine, some I meet through mutual friends, and others follow my story on social media. One thing I realized is that, there is no instructional guide or someone to talk you through it when you have cancer. Yes, people try to say nice things to you, help, read books, but the doctors do not always tell you what is really going on with your body or how to deal with it. I enjoy working with cancer clients, if it is to give them peace, less pain, speed up recovery., or to be in remission of their disease. I believe that our bodies are pretty magical and so are we. We have the ability to heal ourselves and let our bodies do what they need to do in order to heal.

Today something amazing happened to me, I was treating a client who has cancer and it came back and manifested in her lung area, that’s all I knew about her before I started her body process treatment. I was not sure what would show up, or what kind of contribution I would make to her today. She got off the of the table and said , “I have a sense of peace and calm I haven’t had in the longest time, I am not anxious. I could feel a tingling sensation on my back where they did reconstruction surgery on my back ,and where the doctors punctured to drain out my lungs. She put her hand over her chest and she said I can breathe better, thank you. “ I hugged her as she had tears in her eyes. I had no idea the impact or the capacity of what I was doing in order to help this woman heal. It was a magic moment and I know at that time there are so many others I am here to help and to heal.

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