Kids Services

What if children had a knowing beyond their years?  

What if there were modalities that could help your child have more ease with school, their body and their relationships?  What if it were right here?  What if the doorway to incredible possibilities for your whole family were just a choice away?

Access Bars

1 hour $62

This is a relaxing hands-on energetic body process.  During the session the facilitator gently touches 32 points on the client's head.  Staying on each point for a period of time can assist the client to release tension and achieve a complete sense of balance in all aspects of their lives.  Activating these areas will allow energy to flow and open new possibilities for self-improvement and to live a life full of ease, joy and gratitude.

Kids Body Process:  

1 hour $62

One of the most dynamic hands on tool. Whereas cellular memory is best used to undo the effects of trauma, recent or old, and scar tissue in the body.  It is also often used for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning.  Can have a major effect on your immune system, especially when done on joints.   With a light touch on particular points on your body. It can improve immune system, increase healing, metabolism, and metabolic rate of cells, respiratory system, electrical and nervous system, digestive system, intestines, skin, skeletal, lymphatic system and hormones.

Kids Energetic Facelift™

1 hour $62

The Access Conciousness Facelift™ is an amazing process which can assist with any head or neck issues, as well as vision, sinus issues, headaches, or neck or head discomfort.  

Kids Nutrition and Wellness Class

1 hour $15.00 for each child

This is a kids class to go over how to kids can be in communication with their bodies and honor the body's desire for vibrancy, wellness and health.  Do you want to move past depression, body image issues or lethargy?  This is the place to find a path to freedom and more!

Kids Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

1 hour $62

One on one customized nutrition and wellness program designed for the child/children. 

Kids Life coaching

1 hour $62

 One on one session life coaching, setting goals, and finding direction in one's life.  This can help with college preparation, testing, friendships, family relationships etc.  What else is possible when you have an unbiased person helping you create your future!  

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