Aubrey Clay

As a healer I do believe in all forms of healing and see truth and right in all of them. I believe in both Eastern and Western medicene especially after overcoming cancer, several surgeries, and health challenges. You have to find the right approach for you, but this is something you can use a supplemental form of healing or an alternative to what you have been exposed to or currently doing, to help achieve wellness and your overall health and being.  I used to be a school teacher for many years and one things I experienced being in the classroom all day with these kids, is that several suffered from various of autoimmune diseases, neurological, and kids who are on the spectrum.  One of my focuses is helping children live, feel, better with a natural approach. In addition, I married a chiropractor as well who practices holistic healing.  When one goes through the experience of having cancer you are being faced with death. I believe it is an experience like no other unless you have been there itself.  When you are faced with a death sentence or a possibility to have a shortened life span, you will either do one the thing, you will either accept it for what it is and own that disease, or you will fight, search, study, research, and explore everything option possible to make you and your body feel better, to heal, and to get rid of that cancer and disease in your body.  I am very open to all forms of healing and have tried several of them as well as nutritional supplementation and what I currently use and practice is what I have found the greatest results, so far. Not only my health, but my family and loves ones have experienced great success as well and I believe it is time for me to not keep it a secret anymore and to share it with the world. I want to help those in my community and those around me to help others to feel better.  My vision is to empower others to look, feel, and experience optimal wellness and health. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. 

I have had several health challenges in the past from my childhood growing to an adult and I was always looking for a way to look and feel better and searching alternatives until I came across some healing modalities and supplementation that has helped me significantly.  After having 11 surgeries, PCOS, hypothyroidism at age 15, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and having thyroid papillary cancer at age 34. My mission and vision is to help others overcome their health challenges with ease, joy, and glory. I enjoy helping others feel and look their best and enjoy life to their fullest.